The Danaan islands Seeland and Scania


Isse from the island Od in Denmark

The Danaan islands - Seeland and Scania

(Il. 2-711) Troops from the city Ferai in Thessalia and the shores of Lake Boibeïs – and three other cities. They came in eleven ships, commanded by Eumelos.

Lake Boibeïs is Lake Arre in Northern Seeland.

That Lake Boibeïs is Lake Arre is confirmed by the fact that their commander Eumelos is married to Ifthime, who is the sister of Penelope. Penelope is the wife of Odysseus and lives in Ithaca, the present community Vindekille at Lamme Fjord.

The Goddess Athena comes in disguise to Penelope:

– She made a phantom shape, exactly like Iphthime, daughter of the brave Ikarios,

– and wife to Eumelos, and lives with him in Ferai (Od 4-796). Ferai in Thessalia.


(Il.2-716) Troops from rugged Olizon high on top of the cliff – and three cities were led by Philoctetes in seven ships, each with fifty men, expert archers.

Olizon is likely the cliff – and ridge – Hesselbjerg south of Rågeleje in Northern Seeland. Philoctetes was bitten in his foot by a water snake and were left behind on the island Lemnos.

(Il.2-729) The Oechalian men from Tricca, rocky Ithome and Oechalia. They were commanded by two sons of Asclepius, skilled healers, Podaleirus and Machaon. They brought thirty hollow ships with them.

This is probably the area Fyrbakkerne and Hesbjerg south of Gilleleje.

(Il.2-734) Troops from Ormenius and from Titanus with its white hilltops. They were commanded by Eurypylus, in forty black ships.

This is likely the area between the river Esrum, the river Gurre and the former Villingebæk Fjord.

Skälderviken Bay and the area along the River Rönne


With him sailed the Enienes and Peraebians,

reliable fighting men from cold Dodona,

who work by the lovely river Titaressos,

which empties its beautiful, flowing waters

into the Peneus. These do not intermingle

with the silver stream of the Peneos,

but flow along on top of them, like oil.

For the Titaressos is a branch of the river Styx,

dread waters by which the most awful oaths are sworn (Il.2-749.


Their leader Gouneos brought twenty-two ships. They are only mentioned this one time in the Iliad.

The winter cold city of Dodona is located in the area between the Rönne River and Vejbystrand (Vejby Beach), where there is a large number of burial mounds and other finds from the Bronze Age.

The river Titaressos is the 120 kilometers long and winding Rönne River, which begins as Hörby River and empties into the Skälderviken Bay by Ängelholm.


Peneios is Skälderviken Bay between the peninsulas Kullen and Bjäre.

These do not intermingle with the silver stream of the Peneos (Il. 2-753).

The mass of waters in Skälderviken Bay is heavily layered and the water mass exchanges much, according to a survey from 2005 by SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. The innermost part of Skälderviken Bay often freezes in the winters.

It is true that the Skälderviken Bay is connected with Styx which is the open water to the North Atlantic.


Graphics John Esse Larsen – Höganäs municipality-SGU

The Bjäre Peninsula in northwest Scania


(Il.2-756) The Magnetes come from the region round Peneos and Mount Pelion where leaves are always trembling in the wind. They are led by swift Prothoos who brought forty black ships. They are only mentioned this once in the Iliad.

Peneios is Skälderviken Bay and the ridge Pelion is the great Halland Ridge with its many heights.

It is probably another Pelion Ridge who is referred to as homeland of the centaurs in the Iliad (Il.1-268).

There are many burial mounds on the Bjäre Peninsula, which has the greatest number of burial mounds from the Bronze Age in Scania. The largest is the 4.5-meter high Dagshøj near Torekov with a diameter of 45 meters.